Safety is our number one priority. Risk is inherent in the mountain environment and our goal is to effectively manage risk. A ‘margin of safety’ is a buffer built in to the decisions we make, and this concept is central to our approach. The mountains confront us with many variables that are not always black and white including weather, snow and route conditions, group dynamics, energy levels, motivation, fitness, and others. Maintaining an acceptable margin of safety throughout such a set of variables is the discipline we practice as guides and instructors. It requires intuition honed through significant experience, and we train accordingly in the realms of technical rescue, avalanche safety, and wilderness medicine. We love to climb high mountains and ski big lines, and we try hard to succeed in our adventures, but returning home is our most important goal.


Skiing and mountaineering are the the culmination of a broad range of skills. As guides and instructors we are ever developing, improving, and modernizing our techniques. We strive to be on the cutting edge of our craft and are committed to ongoing professional development.


We are committed to stewardship. It is a privilege to recreate in the alpine environment and we are one among many who rely on it. We have the utmost respect for the land. The mountains we climb and ski are habitats for thousands of other species, and our pursuits should be secondary to the health of this ecosystem.