Recently we set off on a scouting trip to Siberia, not knowing what to expect. What we found were beautiful mountains, super friendly people, and amazing days of ski exploration. Our expectations were exceeded – words cannot describe how cool this experience was. Not just the skiing, but the place. The culture. The like-minded humans looking for the same things we are on this planet.

We stayed in a small hut, perfectly setup for a group of 5 with our own private chef. Along with a Russian co-guide, certified by the ACMG - we enjoyed spectacular days of mountain adventure in terrain that felt both familiar and wild.

We also had some of the deepest powder skiing we have experienced anywhere besides Japan.

Check out the photos, and if it looks intriguing feel free to get in touch.

SIBERIA HUT-BASED TOURING: Dec 4-10, 2022 | $3900


Cost includes:

  • 5 full days of guided skiing

  • 6 nights at the hut

  • All meals at the hut

  • 3 hotel nights en route

  • Moscow layover with optional city tour