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British Columbia


Some of the biggest and best road-accessed backcountry terrain in North America.

Between the towns of Revelstoke and Golden, BC, the Trans-Canada Highway threads a narrow corridor of the Selkirk Mountains — Rogers Pass. On a clear day, the views from behind the windshield are neck-craning, with huge mountains towering to either side of you. This is a mecca for road-accessed backcountry skiing. Combined with the Selkirks' huge winter snowfalls, is every type of terrain imaginable — high alpine glacier tours, beautiful peak ascents, sub-alpine pillow stacks, steep tree runs, and everything in between.


Hotel-based: Stay in Revelstoke or Golden, where hotels and restaurants are plentiful and commute to the pass each day (< 1hr).

Hut-based: There are two huts up at Rogers Pass: the A.O. Wheeler Hut, and the Asulkan Cabin. These huts are popular and need to be booked well in advance.


The closest airports are Kelowna, BC (2.5 hrs to Revelstoke) and Calgary, AB (3 hrs to Golden). Vancouver, BC to Revelstoke is 6 hrs. Seattle is 7.5 hrs.


We offer skiing at Rogers Pass on a custom basis for private groups and individual (three day minimum).



From $675/person* (varies depending on group size).


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