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When you are in the mountains and you feel worked, it is still a great experience. But when you are in the mountains and you feel strong, you get to experience so much more – everything you may have missed otherwise if you were distracted with the focus required just to take the next step, breathe the next breath, shove food in your mouth, and wonder how soon the top will come.


Many of us show up for cool trips knowing that sure, we can do it. But we also know that it will be a much higher volume of day after day exertion than we are used to – and it will be hard.




Want to feel strong for an upcoming trip to Alaska, Norway, Chile, or somewhere else cool? 


Our friends Sam and Alison Naney of Cascade Endurance have created a custom 12-week training plan specifically for our signature Tebay Lodge trip. You can use this plan for any upcoming backcountry trip.


Sam and Alison are legends in the endurance/coaching world. They coach Cody Townsend for his Fifty Project, and they coach a few of our guides, including Melissa Reid. She recently completed Tor des Géants, one of the hardest endurance races in the world, attributing much of her success to Sam and Alison.


These plans utilize the TrainingPeaks app to help you track your progress over time. There is an Intermediate version and an Advanced version depending how much time you can dedicate each week.


These are 12-week plans, but you can start at any time before your trip. Every workout includes a link to an instructional YouTube video, and whether or not you have access to ski touring, there are options for either scenario.


This is a perfect opportunity to set a goal for yourself, and know that you have the right tools to achieve it.

Find the Pacific Alpine Guides plans here: Training Plans // Cascade Endurance


Cascade Endurance also offers full service coaching.



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